Benedetto Marcello
Giuseppe Maria Orlandini

Cast: mez-bar (2 singers) / perf / hpd-2vn-va-vc (5 musicians)

Performance Language: German
Performances in other languages: Italian, English (in preparation)

Artistic production: Wiener Taschenoper.
Performances Vienna in co-operation with Jeunesse and Schloss Schonbrunn.


Vienna, Schonbrunn Palace, Oct 15th - 24th, 2012
Vienna, Schonbrunn Palace (Opera Europa), Apr 4th - 11th, 2013


New Edition/Musical Direction:Ferdinando Maffii
German Version (Translation): Karin Fleischanderl
Stage Direction: Jewgenij Sitochin
Costume Design: Charles Koroly
Light Design: Felix Dreyer

Filetta/Serpilla: Luciana Mancini
Spago/Bacocco: Thomas Zisterer
Performance (Silent Role): Jevgenij Sitochin

Violin: Barbara Klebl-Vock, Elisabeth Stifter
Viola: Ursula Kortschak
Violoncello: Dorothea Schönwiese
Harpsichord: Gordon Murray


In the intermezzo of around 1720, typical characters of the commedia dell'arte enter the stages of Venice: the older, jealous husband and his young wife, and the drunkard, who has gambled everything away. The intermezzo per musica as a musical genre has largely fallen into oblivion and (with the exception of Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona) is almost never performed today. Despite the brevitiy of its heyday in the first half of the eighteenth century, the intermezzo holds a very important position in the history of opera as the sourde and forerunner of all comic operas by composers from Mozart to Offenbach as well as of the Viennese operetta. In this production, Jevgenij Sitochin, a trained clown and stage director of the old school who studied the trade in Moscow in the 1980ies, has been brillantly attired by the costume designer, Charles Koroly.


The oblique, Vivienne-Westwood-style costume landscapes are a laugh-inducing support. Wonderful how an oversized farthingale becomes a hideout or an XL-judge's robe (...) Luciana Mancini and Thomas Zisterer are superb bringing the four protagonists to life in a visually experienced, vocally joyful way. (Der Standard)

What the little ensemble delivers here in authentic baroque-style ambience is, above all: first-class entertainment. (Wiener Zeitung)

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