Walther Soyka
Children's Opera for 6 singers

Cast: 2sop-mez-2bar-bass (6 singers) / fl-cl-thrm-acc (4 musicians)

Performance Language: German
English version: none

Commission and Artistic Production: Wiener Taschenoper.
Co-produced by Opernhaus Graz.
Vienna performances in co-operation with Dschungel Wien.


Graz, Opera House, Nov 20th - Dec 11th, 2011
Vienna, Dschungel Wien, Apr 19th - 29th, 2012
Graz, Opera House, Nov 23rd - Dec 2nd, 2012


Music: Walther Soyka
Libretto: Bernhard Studlar after Otfried Preussler
Stage Direction: Jevgenij Sitochin
Set and Costume Design: Birgit Kellner
Light Design: Reinhard Traub

Das kleine Gespenst (The Little Ghost): Theresa Dlouhy
Uhu Schuhu/Buergermeister (Eagle Owl Schuhu/The Mayor): Wilfried Zelinka
Jutta: Katharina Einsiedl
Guenther: Wolfgang Schwaiger
Lehrerin/Sekretaerin (Teacher/ Sectretary): Lisa Maria Jank
Burgherr/Polizist (Lord/Policeman): Julian Kumpusch

Flute: Cordula Bösze
Clarinet: Reinhold Brunner
Theremin: Robert Hofmann
Accordion: Walther Soyka


Stage (min): 9m x 9m / h: 5m

Audio: CD-Player, DI-Box, 2xSM57, 1Reverberator

Lighting: It. Plan (on request)

Video: --


The classic children's book by Otfried Preußler tells the story of the little white ghost that longs for nothing more than to see the sun. But when it happens the ghost gets a sunburn, white becomes black, and it is subsequently persecuted by all the world. - Who's afraid of the black man? "No one, no one!", the children call back in the game. But in reality - or rather in the adult's world - the situation is quite another. Hunted by the mayor, the policeman and others the ghost is finally saved by the children, who do not run away from him, but rather encounter him openly.


Using sparse instrumentation (flute, bass clarinet and theremin), the accordionist and composer Walther Soyka constructs lively, precisely formulated new worlds of sounds and auditory bridges. (Kronenzeitung)

The subtle, atmospherically dense and elegant sound of flute, clarinet, accordion and Robert Hofmann's eerie theremin rounds out the superb little musical adventure presented by Wiener Taschenoper and Graz Opera. (Kleine Zeitung)

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