Martin Brandlmayr
Children’s opera for 4 singers

Cast: sop-mez-ten-bassbar (4 singers) / keyb-perc-vc (3 musicians) / electronics

Commission and Artistic Production: Wiener Taschenoper


Vienna, Dschungel Wien, February 14th-16th, 2017


Music: Martin Brandlmayr
Libretto: Ferdinand Schmatz 
Stage Direction: Jewgenij Sitochin
Set Design: Harald Thor
Costume Design: Heike Werner
Light Design: Jürgen Erntl

The Drummer: Andrés Alzate
The King’s Daughter: Katharina Adamcyk
A Giant: Andreas Jankowitsch
A Witch: Tina Drole

Keyboard: Bernhard Höchtl
Percussion: Martin Brandlmayr
Violoncello: Melissa Coleman


The Drummer is a little-known tale by the Brothers Grimm. What interests us about the character of the Drummer is not so much his “military” instrument and his impulsive self-assertion, but rather the “dream world” in which the Drummer moves. From this perspective, the tale contains a great deal of mythical and creative power for a children’s opera.

Like so many fairy tales, this one also conveys to children the most important “weapon” against the forces that frighten them: trust. As hopeless as a situation may seem, as small and helpless as you may feel, trust! Tales are uncompromising in this
way. The “fairy-tale” happy ending plays a fundamental role here. The children accept that life is made up not only of harmony and goodwill; rather, they must steel themselves against attacks, from within as well as without.

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