John Cage

Cast: Clown-Actress-Piano (3)

Performance Language: German
Versions in other languages: possible (English version in preparation)

Commission and Artistic Production: Wiener Taschenoper.
Vienna Performances in co-operation with Dschungel Wien and the Wien Modern Festival.


Vienna, Dschungel Wien, Dec 9th - 14th, 2008
Vienna, Dschungel Wien (Wien Modern), Nov 7th - 12th, 2009

Vienna, Dschungel Wien, Oct 22th - 27th, 2017


Music: John Cage
Libretto: Katja Hensel
Artistic Concept and Stage Direction: Jevgenij Sitochin
Set Design: Nives Widauer
Video Design: Esther Straganz
Light Design: Frank Sobotta

Clown/Performance: Jevgenij Sitochin
The Silence: Henny Reents/Marie-Christine Friedrich
Piano: Florian Müller/Oskar Aichinger


Stage: (min.) 9m (B) x 6m (T) x 5m (H)

Instruments: 1 Concert wing (B)

Audio: 5.1 Boxes, 24 Channel mixer, 1 Hammerfall 6 ch, 1 Macsoundfileplayer MaxMSP, 3 condenser mics, 2 radio mic systems including radios and bodypack receiver, 3 pic-up Mics

Lighting: 13 x 600 W Profile spots, 3 x Parabolics pots 30, 14 x 650 W PC’s, 4 x 1200 W PC’s, 4 x 1,2 KW Fresnel spots

Video: noiseless Videobeamer (min. 3500 Lumen)


Tormented by the noise of everyday life, a man collapses. But then a good fairy appears and resolves to give the man’s ears a boost by feeding them a variety of delicious sound treats. What is noise? What is music? John Cage took our listening habits and our way of thinking about music and turned them completely upside down. We retrace his footsteps on this exciting listening journey through day-to-day life and marvel at all the things that can be music to our ears.

“A House Full of Music” was awarded Austria’s Stella09 Darstellender.Kunst.Preis for its outstanding concept, with the jury praising it as a production that “uses an exciting idea to open children up to a different perception and more conscious way of listening”.


Taking as their starting point John Cage's discoveries about music, Jevgenij Sitochin, Henny Reents and Florian Mueller invite the kids to join them for a fanciful musical journey. (Kinderkurier)

This is important theatre, - important enough to be a warm-up act for every single show in town. But it has the impromptu, picnic mood of a Socratic dialogue, with enlightenment always just around the corner. (Vienna Review)

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