Tradition is not a hamster wheel! Otherwise it would be mere folklore. Tradition ultimately means transferring the understanding of this art form to future generations. To continue the history of the opera means cultivating the contemporary musical theatre and creating a new repertoire constantly.

The Wiener Taschenoper produces mainly contemporary operas in co-production with partners in Austria and abroad. It regularly assigns composition projects and focuses on the classics of the avant-garde (Stockhausen, Cage, Xenakis, among others). It experiments in the fields of musical theatre, multimedia performance and contemporary dance. Since 2006, it has also been involved in children's opera.

With each project, the Wiener Taschenoper, in each of its productions, asks itself the question as to how - according to Alexander Kluge - one can constantly provide the realm of emotions with new experiences? And it does not know, ultimately, that the greatest experiment is its differentiation with opera history.

PRODUCTIONS 1992-2012 (Selection)

Maderna Satyricon (Rundel/Sitochin/Borowskij) (Wien Modern, 1999) | Xenakis Oresteïa (Rundel/Sonnier) (Wien Modern 2000) | Mitterer Massacre (Rundel/Schlömer/Brack) (UA/Wiener Festwochen 2003) | Mitterer Labyrinth (UA/Mitterer/Paryla/Hölbling) (2004) | Mouvement for Lachenmann (Rundel/Le Roy) (UA/Wien Modern/TQW/Hebbel-Theater, 2005) | Gluck Orfeo ed Euridice (Maffii/Lacey/Lauro) (Schloss Schönbrunn, 2006) | Mitterer Das tapfere Schneiderlein (Mitterer/Sitochin/Lippmann) (UA/Dschungel Wien, 2006) | Stockhausen Michaels Reise (Rundel/Padrissa/Olbeter/Aleu) (Wiener Festwochen/KölnMusik/musikFabrik/u.a., 2008) | Berio in Bewegung (Hölbling/Schubiger/Goldfarb) (UA/Dans.Kias, 2009) | ter Schiphorst Die Gänsemagd (ter Schiphorst/Sitochin/Olbeter) (UA/Dschungel Wien/RadialSystem Berlin, 2010) | Xenakis Oresteïa (Rundel/Padrissa/Olbeter) (Wiener Festwochen/Casa da Musica, 2011) | Mitterer Baron Münchhausen (Mitterer/Schmatz/Aleu) (UA/Wien Modern/Rabenhof/Musica Festival Strasbourg/Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, 2011) | Soyka Das kleine Gespenst (Soyka/Studlar/Sitochin/Keller) (UA/Opernhaus Graz/Dschungel Wien, 2011) | Intermezzi. Commedia per Musica (Maffii/Sitochin/Koroly) (Schloss Schönbrunn, 2012)

OUR PARTNERS (Selection)

Bavarian State Opera | col legno | Dschungel Wien - Theatre House for Young Public | Festival d’Automne à Paris | Hellerau Festival House | Kölner Philharmonic | La Biennale di Venezia |  Laeiszhalle Elbphilharmonie Hamburg | Musica festival international des musiques d’aujourd’hui de Stasbourg | Natalia Sats Theatre Moscow | Graz  Opera House | Rabenhof-Theatre | RadialSystem Berlin | Castle Schönbrunn Cultural and Industrial | Dance Quarter Vienna| Tiroler Festspiele (Tirolean Festival Games) | WDR/arte | Vienna Festival | Vienna Modern | etc.

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